Leslie and Ron

“My cats are my children and I would consider myself a neurotic mother for sure. I have to be out of town a lot and having Susan look after my animals makes that much easier. The minute we leave our home we miss them. I have known Susan for almost ten years, and during most of that time, they have been caring for my animals. Having been inside Susan’s home several times, I can verify that she provides a meticulously clean, safe and upbeat environment for her own animals. That qualifies her to care for mine. I’ve never had any problems with her care, and using her service has been easy, convenient, and a great value. There have been many time that we have had to contact her at the last minute for “childcare”. Our animals are always happy and content when we return home. Susan leaves a note to let you know how it went, and you are always able to get in touch with her to check on how they are doing while you are away. This makes traveling so much easier for me. I recommend Susan to everyone I know who has a pet. Why send your animal to a shelter when they can stay in the comfort and security of their home and have the same person caring for them? My cats are afraid of strangers, so having the consistent care is very important to me, and it is reflected in their faces when we arrive home and everyone is content. Friends and family are kind and may have the best of intentions in caring for your pets, but they can grow weary of it or be inattentive. I don’t take that chance with my animals.”