April 24, 2012

Services and Rates

Santa Rosa pet sittingIn-Home Pet Sitting:

A valuable benefit of having in-home pet care is that your animal enjoys the comforts of his or her home and one on one attention while you are away. In turn, you can experience the peace of mind knowing your animal is being cared for by a professional who is licensed and bonded. Your pet avoids the stress of going to and from a boarding facility and the potential health risks that might be involved. A pet’s daily routine is important and having in-home care keeps your pet’s schedule uninterrupted. Your pet will always have fresh food and water, their waste will be cleaned up, along with lots of personal love and attention. Another benefit that is truly priceless is knowing that your pet’s medical needs are being monitored and emergency treatment is given if necessary. I can administer all forms of medication from pills and liquids to injections.

A secondary benefit of having in-home pet care, is the security of knowing your home is being looked after. It will have that lived-in appearance. Mail/paper will be brought in, garbage will be taken out and can returned, plants will be watered and lights and blinds may be adjusted as needed.

Rate is $22 per visit

Overnight Care is $50 per night


Dog Walking:

Most dogs love going outside and expending some energy, either by walking or fetching a ball. Some dogs just need a potty break combined with lots of attention. Whatever your dog needs, I can supply.

Dog Walks are $22 per walk or potty break


Free Initial Consultation Visit:

When you contact me, I will set up a FREE consultation to explain my services. Establishing a trusting relationship with your pet is one of the most important parts of the process. During this time, I will meet with you and your pet to discuss different options for care and design a plan specific to your needs. The main goal of the consult is to establish a stress free plan for your pet by mirroring the same daily routine your pet is accustomed to. From here, we develop a long lasting relationship.


I serve the following cities in Sonoma County, California:

– Santa Rosa

– Sebastopol

– Petaluma

– Rohnert Park

– Cotati

– Forestville

– Graton